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The Institute Born-Bunge is a research group affiliated with the University of Antwerp - UA (Belgium).

The primary research projects of the different laboratories of the IBB study Alzheimer's disease and related conditions, Parkinson's disease, frontotemporal dementias, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, epilepsy, peripheral neuropathies and muscle disorders.

The IBB focuses at a better integration and correlation of fundamental, clinical and neuropathological data concerning neurological conditions employing molecular genetics, biochemistry, experimental analyses of behavioural alterations and computational neurosciences.

The IBB Biobank is a mutual initiative of the research units of the IBB department Neurology that is based upon the original brain bank.



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Biologische Merkers in CSV / Marqueur biologique LCR / Biological Markers in CSF
Protein analyses Documents Laboratory
• P-Tau
• β-Amyloid

ELISA → €165
• Guidelines sending CSF samples - Eng
•Request form biological markers in CSF + Informed consent form - Nl / Fr / Eng
• Recommendations to prevention of the transfer of Creutzfeldt-Jakob in hospitals: Nl / Fr
LNG - Reference Center for
Biological Markers of
Memory Disorders (BIODEM)
• 14-3-3ϒ

NBIO - Creutzfeldt-Jacob
Disease (CJD) Research Unit
Technical directives for the assessment of biopsy specimens
Biopsy Documents Laboratory
• Muscle
• Nerve
• Skin
• Conjunctiva
• Afspraken spierbiopten voor histopathologisch onderzoek Nl
• Richtlijnen voor de chirurg (zenuw / spier) Nl
• Technische richtlijnen voor onderzoek van weefselbiopten Nl
• Aanvraagformulier met persoonsgegevens patiënt Nl
• Directives techniques pour une demande d‘étude morphologique Fr
• Demande d'examen avec identification du patient Fr
• Nerve biopsy Eng
• Skin biopsy Eng
LUN - Ultrastructural