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The Institute Born-Bunge is affiliated with the University of Antwerp - UA (Belgium).

The primary research projects of the different laboratories of the IBB study Alzheimer's disease and related conditions, Parkinson's disease, frontotemporal dementias, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, epilepsy, peripheral neuropathies and muscle disorders.

The IBB focuses at a better integration and correlation of fundamental, clinical and neuropathological data concerning neurological conditions employing molecular genetics, biochemistry, experimental analyses of behavioural alterations and computational neurosciences.

The IBB Biobank is a mutual initiative of the research units of the IBB department of Neurology that is based upon the original brain bank.


Christmas period closure University of Antwerp 2017

The University of Antwerp will be closed from 23-12-2017 to 03-01-2018.
If you collect CSF samples for biomarker analyses (Aβ1-42, T-tau, P-tau181P, 14-3-3 protein) during this period, please store them at -20C and send them on dry ice from 04-01-2018 onwards.

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Biological Markers in CSF

ELISA: β-amyloïd peptide (Aβ1-42), total protein tau (tau) en Phospho-tau (P-tau181P)
IMMUNOBLOT: 14-3-3 protein
RT-QuIC: PrPRes (prion protein)

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Biopsy samples